Saturday, March 24, 2012

Λεφτεριά συννεφιασμένη μιαν αχτίδα περιμένει

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I know you by the sharp sword, the tremendous one,
I know you by the sight that counts by force all the land. 

Arisen out of the Greeks' holy graves,
as in old times brave, Hail, Liberty, Hail!

Long you had lived, hidden, shy and sad,
awaiting a voice calling you to come back.

That day belated, all in silence was,
in the shade of tyranny, oppressed by the slavery's yoke.

Oh, desolate one! the only solace stood by your heart,
to narrate in tears the prestige of the past.

Waiting and waiting for a liberal call,
the one hand hit the other having no hope.

wondering: «when do I raise my head out of these barren rocks?»
Crying and chained voices the only answer was.

Then lifting your gaze, in tears and haze,
Blood of your children had seeped on your face.

In blood-stained clothes, fleeing by stealth,
before stronger hands you were seeking for help.

Alone you set out, alone you came back;
as the doors stand shut when you need them so bad.

One, helpless, weeped on your chest,
another promised you help, but he tricked you instead.

Others, alas! glad upon your wreck,
"go find your children!" the cruel said.

Humblest it bends your deplorable head,
as of a poor knocking on graves,
thinking of life as intolerable bale.

But now every child of yours,
counterstrikes, assaults,
with no stop and rest,
seeking freedom or death.

The sky looking at your dash, upon your foes he booms,
but over your maternal land he spreads grains and blooms.

In the shadow hand in hand, in the shadow I scan,
lily-fingered girls that dance.

In the dance, charming, amorous eyes, sweetly move and bounce.
In the breeze, black, blond hairstyles swing and rock around.

My soul celebrates as the bosom of these maids,
 sweet milk of bravery and freedom shall donate.

In the revels on the greens I avoid drinks,
freedom-loving hymns like Pindar I sing.

Brave lads, for you war is joy, delight and game;
before the dangers your knees don't shake.

But Discordia, keeping a sceptre, the deceitful one
smiles and says: get it, too! miserable man.

The sceptre she shows you has a nice look,
"don't touch it!" for it brings down to tears of gloom.

Let not be heard by men envying you, brave lads,
that your brother's head is hurt by your hand.

Let not be heard by concordant, united nations,
"...since they hate each other, they don't deserve liberation".

((Εθνικός Ύμνος· Μετρική και Μουσική Ανάλυση))


dodo said...

Το άκουσα με πολύ ενδιαφέρον καί με ανάλογη προσοχή· συγχαρητήρια!

Η ερμηνεία τού Ύμνου από ανδρική χορωδία καί πιάνο, όπως την ήθελε ο συνθέτης (μόνον αυτό το απόσπασμα βρήκα στον Γιουτιούμπη από εκείνον τον δίσκο: με συγκινεί πάντα όπως όταν την πρωτοάκουσα, καί ας την έχω ακούσει έκτοτε δεκάδες- ή μήπως εκατοντάδες φορές;

Michalis Melidonis said...

Ευχαριστώ, θα ακολουθήσουν ανάλυση
και σκέψεις στο άλλο ιστολόγιο.

Verónica Marsá said...

Amigo, un brindis por la libertad. Un triste brindis porque no veo la esperanza por ninguna parte...

Te sigo en el otro blog!

UN besito.

Michalis Melidonis said...

τέλος του Απρίλη θα βγει.

Feliz Pascua :-)

Michalis Melidonis said...